#IamAhed – The Plight of Palestinian Children like Ahed Tamimi

Standing behind a frizzy-haired 16-year-old-kid just seems so right.

My name is Amanda and #IamAhed.

Good God, how many times have I been bullied for fighting for the safety of women and children? My fellow RINJ Foundation Women, and I have rallied behind a child who has been fighting in a resistance to occupation and oppression in the West Bank of Palestine territory.

We have been so busy getting our asses kicked and raped in northern Iraq we somehow lost sight of things in Israel which I am afraid are out of control.

That psychotic bully Donald Trump has given Israel new license to bully the Palestinians and the Israelis have decided to focus on women and children.


The RINJ Foundation Women  protest the abusive treatment of children in the Israeli-Occupied Palestinian West Bank

For too long women have not been heard or believed says Oprah Winfrey.



The RINJ Foundation women say they have met a girl born 30 March, 2001 who will make sure she is heard. Our Toronto-based women’s group see Ahed Tamimi in much the same light as author Stieg Larsson saw his character Lisbeth Salandar stirring up the establishment in favour of righting some serious wrongs and bringing about correction of injustice. That’s Ahed Tamimi, and what she has been doing since she was 10 years old. Ahed certainly has kicked up a hornet’s nest.

The RINJ Foundation Women, is really a Civil Society women’s group based in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  We released several criticisms of Israel related to what the group calls the wrongful imprisonment of the sixteen-year-old Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi. Somebody must wake up to reason.

The group also claims it learned about a silent edict issued to Israeli Occupation Forces in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian settlements of the West Bank to conduct reprisals on women and children for the ongoing demonstrations against Donald Trump’s announcement that the US is declaring Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and moving its embassy there.

In a report published by The RINJ Foundation from the Middle East two days ago, the women’s group says “this child has not committed a crime. She has acted in self defence by slapping a trespassing soldier at her home, in his face, pursuant to numerous and continuing attacks and harassment on herself and her family including younger siblings. She has the right to resist the occupation soldiers invading her home, especially when they are there for wrongful purpose. Read the Geneva Convention amendments. She has the right to do that.”

If you are inclined, join us in the fight for Ahed Tamimi…

The nation state of Israel has absolute power over the Palestinians since 1967. In recent years, if not for longer, it has come to abuse its power over the Palestinians systemically and with an apparent air of impunity.

Friends of Israel must warn the State that it has gone too far in targeting women and children for abuse. Recent events have turned this situation volatile and persecuting children is far beyond what is acceptable conduct.

Read the many reports starting here.

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